Professional Hood and Duct Cleaning in Portland, Oregon

Our Services

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Our specialty! We provide kitchen exhaust cleaning services to a wide range of outfits large and small.

Food Cart Cleaning

We are the leading food cart cleaning service in the Portland Metro area.


We can help you keep your baffles, ovens, fryers, and floors clean!

Fan Repair and Maintenance

Belt replacement and so much more! Keep that food cart ventilated :)

About US

Worker owned and operated cleaning services

Cascadia Collective Hood and Duct is a dynamic group of individuals who provide all the services you need in all the ways you appreciate.

We're fully licensed, insured and certified with the fire marshal.

From our excellent customer attention to our free assessment and bid, and thorough cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system - you’ll be satisfied every step of the way!

  • The Problem

    Kitchen exhaust fires are a real hazard and can put you, your employees and your patrons at risk. A dirty exhaust system can lead to dangerous fires and can leave a nasty taste in your mouth (literally… your food doesn’t taste as good).

  • The Solution

    Cascadia Collective Hood and Duct! We want your kitchen exhaust system to be cleaned correctly the first time so your food establishment is protected and you don’t have to worry about the people who are coming in and out of your kitchen. Your mind will be at ease knowing all the members of CCHD, and knowing that they are committed to providing a quality service that you can rely on.


    We are committed to providing professional and timely cleaning services that will keep your kitchen fire-safe, along with personable customer attention that will establish a comfortable and lasting business relationship.


Our Team

The people who make it all happen.
I have been working in the food service industry since I was 15 (served tables, hosted, slung coffee at many a local coffee shop, and managed a few of the establishments). Adam and I have two kids (Sabo and Lucio). I look forwarded to talking to you about scheduling your next cleaning!
I have worked in all facets of the restaurant industry for over 15 years and am applying that experience to the quality servicing of kitchen exhaust systems. Whether you are getting your first bid from us, or you have a fan malfunction in the middle of dinner service, I\’ll be the one stopping by to help you.
I am responsible for the graphic and web design of CCHD, as well as cleaning jobs and sales visits all around the Portland area. I am also real good at reaching things, so I can probably just leave the step stool in the van.


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