Food Carts

Cascadia Collective Hood and Duct is the leading food cart cleaning service in the Portland Metro area.

We offer:

Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Your exhaust system is the beating heart of a working food cart:
Pumping air in, through and out of your cart. This system needs to be cleaned like your clogged arteries after eating a pork belly wrapped fried chicken sandwich from the next cart down! We have the specialized equipment and techniques to clean your entire exhaust system – fan to hood.

Our services meet the requirements for exhaust cleaning required by your insurance company. When you have your system inspected and cleaned by us, your liability is cleared and your cart will be cleaner, move air better, and you can rest assured your investment is safe from the destruction of a grease fire.

Interior and Exterior Cleaning

Did you just buy a used cart, selling your own, or just need help removing the accumulated grease from years of cooking? Cascadia Collective Hood and Duct can help you get the job done.

Food carts are notorious for getting greasy. Oftentimes the accumulation of grease over all of the surfaces in your cart is the result of poor air circulation caused by an overworked and grease-gummed exhaust fan. With the help of our specialized tools, and some serious scrubbing, we can make your cart a clean, inviting place to eat and work. Anything from spot cleaning, to a full deep cleaning of your cart, we get it done.

Grounds Cleaning

With all of the foot traffic, spilled food and beverages food cart pods generate, it’s no wonder the grounds around them can become a greasy, stained mess. Your cart’s appearance, and the grounds around it are vital to attracting customers and we offer full asphalt, cement and patio cleaning! Especially when it comes to grease, a standard pressure washer just can’t cut through. With our specialized equipment and methods, we can remove grease, gum, dirt and oil residue from most any surface, ensuring your customers have an attractive and clean space to enjoy your food.