Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is our specialty!

We provide kitchen exhaust cleaning services to a wide range of outfits large and small, including:

  • restaurants
  • food carts
  • commercial kitchens
  • public institutions
  • elder care facilities
  • hotels
  • hospitals
  • and more!


Cascadia Collective Hood and Duct sets the standard for quality of cleaning and level of customer service. We have the top-of-the-line hot-water pressure washing equipment (215 degrees!) to clean even the most stubborn and caked-on grease. Working with us carries the guarantee that the only workers who will ever be in your kitchen cleaning your system, and anyone you speak with, are also the owners. We do it that way so that you will always be assured of the highest attention to detail, greatest professionalism and thoroughness in everything we do for you.

Grease fires are no joke *

A neglected kitchen exhaust system can quickly become a severe fire hazard, and grease fires are notoriously difficult to control. Once they start, they usually don’t stop until it’s too late.IMG_1755

Many outfits claim to clean your system, but leave the areas that you cannot easily see dirty. Sometimes its your roof or fan, but typically we are talking about the duct work that connects your hood with your exhaust fan. With each service date that these areas are neglected, the chance of a grease fire increases. At Cascadia Collective Hood and Duct we have taken the time to train and the investment to purchase the specialty tools needed to clean long runs of duct work. In fact, cleaning out neglected ducts has quickly become our specialty!

Don’t leave it to guessing. We provide pictures so that you know your system has been cleaned right.

If you have any question about whether your kitchen exhaust system is being fully cleaned, give us a call! We are always willing to stop by and make sure your system is fire-safe.

* CCHD has been trained and certified to inspect and clean kitchen exhaust systems to rigorous standards set by the Portland Fire Marshal and the NFPA 96 code that the City of Portland mandates. We know the dangers in allowing grease to build up, and therefore we go the extra mile to ensure your kitchen is fire-safe and clean, because our reputation and livelihoods depend on it – and so does yours.

Working with us will work wonders for you.